Dearest, Finally, here we are again. The world is slowly and carefully opening again, so time for some fun news! Yes!! A new music video + song, the release of “I Forgot To Tell” by my band: Carly E & The Oustanding!! Check out the video here and here for pre saving on Spotify and listen to the whole song […]

This TV Premiere is being postponed. More info later. Dearest,  Hopefully everyone is healthy and maybe already vaccinated! We’re almost there … hopefully … Until now during this Corona period I have mainly been busy with resting for health reasons, making new music and looking and happily finding a new part-time job (because my old […]

Dearest,  Hopefully you will find this message healthy and well! And with a lot of love around you, because that is what everyone deserves today and actually always ♥♥♥♥I’m normally not that Valentine’s Day type, but it is so suitable to release my new song on this romantic day. The song is called You and […]

Hello, Hereby I wish you a very nice summer! Hopefully it will be a good one with lots of music 😊 Below and on this page you see where I will be this summer with my cello (Arnhem, Amsterdam and Edinburgh!). You are very welcome to come by one of my performances of course! In […]

At the age of five she already knew she wanted to play the cello and conquer the world with her red cello case on her back. Carly E started off playing classical music in orchestras, but ultimately didn’t see a future in it. So she set out to travel around the world and find out what she really wanted. Away from home she found her calling. In It’s That Simple she tells entertaining stories in-between songs about her adventures in London and Buenos Aires. Her playful music is an eclectic mix of jazz and pop.

Popartiest Carly E (29) vindt dat je in de popmuziek net zoveel kunt met een cello als met een gitaar. Ze zingt folk-popliedjes en begeleidt zichzelf met haar strijkinstrument. Haar grootste inspiratiebron is de Franse chansonnière Zaz. „Ik wil laten zien dat je een cello voor meer kunt gebruiken dan alleen klassiek”, zegt Carly E, echte naam Carlijn van Wijk. Met dat doel in haar achterhoofd treedt ze op in binnen- en buitenland. „Deze zomer sta ik op een theaterfestival in Edinburgh. Mijn droom is Glastonbury.” Ze heeft een begeleidingsband, maar speelt ook solo. Als ze alleen op het podium staat, gebruikt ze een loop pedal, waarmee ze live meerdere melodielijnen tegelijk kan spelen.