Dearest, Hopefully you are doing well and enjoying this festive month to the fullest, just like me! After a wonderful festival summer and a period of moving (from Amsterdam to Bussum), renovating and the first exciting weeks of my pregnancy, I have new energy again (now 14 weeks pregnant)! And of course I like to […]

Dearest, Finally, here we are again. The world is slowly and carefully opening again, so time for some fun news! Yes!! A new music video + song, the release of “I Forgot To Tell” by my band: Carly E & The Oustanding!! Check out the video here and here for pre saving on Spotify and listen to the whole song […]

This TV Premiere is being postponed. More info later. Dearest,  Hopefully everyone is healthy and maybe already vaccinated! We’re almost there … hopefully … Until now during this Corona period I have mainly been busy with resting for health reasons, making new music and looking and happily finding a new part-time job (because my old […]

Dearest,  Hopefully you will find this message healthy and well! And with a lot of love around you, because that is what everyone deserves today and actually always ♥♥♥♥I’m normally not that Valentine’s Day type, but it is so suitable to release my new song on this romantic day. The song is called You and […]

Hello, Hereby I wish you a very nice summer! Hopefully it will be a good one with lots of music 😊 Below and on this page you see where I will be this summer with my cello (Arnhem, Amsterdam and Edinburgh!). You are very welcome to come by one of my performances of course! In […]