New Release: You And Me


Hopefully you will find this message healthy and well! And with a lot of love around you, because that is what everyone deserves today and actually always ♥♥♥♥
I’m normally not that Valentine’s Day type, but it is so suitable to release my new song on this romantic day. The song is called You and Me. The set for the music video is Liguria, Italy.  A place that I absolutely love. 

To my grandpa and grandma for sharing their beautiful paradise with me ♥ 
To the guy in the music video …. yes, that’s my lovely boyfriend ♥ 😆
To Jordi Filali from Solid Mixing for mixing and producing the song
To Lennart Haman van Nox for mastering the song
Hopefully we will get through this corona time safely and we will soon be able to cuddle together indefinitely. My arms are already wide open. 😊
Stay safe!