You And Me – Solo EP Release

My 3rd solo EP You And Me! This video is a summary of the 4 songs that are on there. Check links below to Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple music to find all the songs.
1. You And Me
2. Morning Lights
3. Never More
4. Sleeping

This EP is about the different flows and experiences of love. How light it can be in the mornings, waking up next to the person you love, how it can drive yourself crazy, how you can long for sleeping next to that person that makes you feel as calm as the ocean and about the feeling of unconditional love. I wanted to create an atmospheric and meditative sound with lots of cello layers, dreamy voices and effects, melodies that contrast with each other. I’ve experimented a bit more with my drumcomputer for a more worldly vibe. I’ve recorded everything myself in my home studio. Got better in the process with time and finally with help from Jordi of ‘Solidmixing’ the sound and effects of the song became whole, just how I pictured it in my head. And mastering is done by Lennart of Nox. An absolute professional who knows exactly how to make the songs warm and round. I feel a lucky basterd that I found these guys to work with, such talent! Many thanks!!

Recording & Pre-mixing: Carlijn van Wijk (Carly E)
Mixing: Jordi Filali (Solid Mixing)
Mastering: Lennart Haman (Nox)
Video: Carlijn van Wijk (Carly E)

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