Music Video You And Me

Here you find the Music Video You And Me. It is about two people in love, enjoying their freedom. Also you can find the Music Video You and Me on her YouTube channel.

Do you want to see her live? 

Carly E plays regularly in different venues over the whole of Holland. Check out the Carly E shows on this page or subscribe to her Newsletter to keep up to date about her shows and new releases. For the latest Newsletters you can also check the News page on this website.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out on her YouTube channel. Carly E posts live footage or new music video’s every now and then so you can already check her out before seeing her live (again).

Also she post regularly some stories and other footage on her instagram, twitter and Facebook account. Follow her over here @carly_e_andhercello, here for Facebook and here on twitter.

Do you really love her music and want to support her? That is great! Check out her Bandcamp and see what is on there. You can support her by buying one or more of her tracks. Of course you support her as well by listening to her tracks on Spotify or Itunes. Many thanks!